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  • 10:05 RT @caroleagent: wish all aspiring writers would read this RT @RedSofaLiterary: Some "Agency" Math for Query Process: #
  • 10:10 Agreed! RT @KatieBFLA: Submission tip: don’t include copies of rejection letters from other agencies. #
  • 10:25 @RonEstrada That’s a tempting idea! #
  • 10:32 @uppington I think they believe an agent will be impressed some other agent said nice things in the rejection, though I don’t know why. #
  • 10:36 Read the rest of that "maybe" ms. last night, and it did indeed turn into a "no." #
  • 10:46 @kate_mckean That’s a good point. I think it might have happened once to me. Maybe. #
  • 11:35 RT @doctorow: Pls RT 200 free copies of FOR THE WIN, my next YA, to young gamers to review in blogs/school papers #
  • 13:23 Really, Twitter? My choice is between saying "yes" to location tracking and saying "not now?" #
  • 15:29 @RachelleGardner It’s actually more scary than strange. Have writers been using some sort of mind control device on you? #
  • 23:40 RT @jay_lake: Ben Peek on the unbearable lightness of time in publishing: Good read, you writer types. #

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