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  • 13:17 RT @victoriastrauss: Sarah Weinman on why Amazon’s hype re: Kindle ebook sales may not be all that #
  • 13:17 RT @victoriastrauss: Also from Sarah Weinman: ebook sales were 4% of total book market in 2009 #
  • 13:20 Okay, inbox sorted, grumbling about being back at work done, time to read queries. #
  • 13:35 Wanting to promote your book is good. Not having an author website is not. It’s 2010! #pubtips #
  • 13:52 A great post where @Janet_Reid talks about her mss results for 5-6 months: (via @papertyger) #
  • 14:00 Things not to do: Send your agent a long list of things to do on their 1st day back in office. Be kind and wait a day or two. #
  • 14:54 RT @kate_mckean: #1 thing I don’t want to see in queries: "I just finished this last night and thought I’d send it to you." Doh! #pubtip #
  • 17:00 Tor Books is seeking two editorial interns for the spring 2010 semester. #
  • 17:37 RT @arcaedia: my 2009 query stats with requests, genre coverage, etc : #
  • 20:50 @krichellegroth Those weren’t my stats, they were @arcaedia’s (aka Jennifer Jackson), but the .5% isn’t that unusual. #

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