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  • 11:17 Engaging in rejectomancy on a form rejection (the same one we sent to thousands of other writers) is an exercise in futility. #
  • 11:20 I mean, seriously, it’s a form rejection. It’s meant to be generic. #
  • 13:03 RT @ColleenLindsay: Much much much pickier about who I sign on, and they must be able to take editorial direction. #
  • 13:03 If you’re not willing to take editorial input from your agent, you probably won’t make it far in trad publishing. #pubtip #
  • 13:05 No, I’m not suggesting that you need to make every change your agent suggests, just that you need to be willing to seriously discuss them. #
  • 13:15 @elanaroth Your retweet version of my original tweet was better, thanks to your editing, which I guess illustrates the point. #
  • 13:49 RT @PublishersWkly: Macmillan Revised Contract Lowers Digital Royalties, Raises Direct to Consumer | Yeesh. #
  • 19:59 RT @victoriastrauss: Publishing equation: as rights acquire value, authors get smaller share #
  • 20:01 RT @victoriastrauss: More on Macmillan’s ebook royalty reduction, from NY Times #
  • 20:01 RT @dianagill: Authors who learn and improve with each book are worth more than rubies or their weight in gold. #pubtips #

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