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Getting published is not supposed to be easy

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Last week, agent Nathan Bransford did a great job of making an important point:

The system is not perfect, but it’s also not broken. In fact it’s working precisely as it should: It’s winnowing tens of thousands of projects down to the few that are published. There are far more novels out there than can realistically be sold to publishers. Far, far, far, far more. To paraphrase Sean Lindsay, there are too many writers and not enough readers. Getting published is not supposed to be easy.

I recommend reading his entire post, because he does a good job of explaining a fact that some writers seem to miss. Getting a book published is hard. It’s hard because the number of books being written far exceeds the capacity of the current publishing industry to successfully publish them, and it’s that fundamental truth that can make trying to get published frustrating for writers. Taking out that frustration on agents or editors doesn’t change anything, it just makes the whole process more unpleasant for everyone involved.


Written by incognito

18 January 2009 at 5:04 pm

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