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The Twenty Worst Agents

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Victoria Strauss, author and the force behind the excellent Writer Beware site, has her list of the 20 worst agents, and I’m belatedly joining in with all of the other people who have linked to it, in hopes of pushing it up the Google rankings.

Below is a list of the 20 agents about which Writer Beware has received the greatest number of advisories/complaints during the past several years.

None of these agents has a significant track record of sales to commercial (advance-paying) publishers, and most have virtually no documented and verified sales at all (many sales claimed by these agents turn out to be vanity publishers). All charge clients before a sale is made, whether directly, by charging fees such as reading or administrative fees, or indirectly, for “editing services.”

Writer Beware suggests that writers searching for agents avoid questionable agents, and instead query agents who have actual track records of sales to commercial publishing houses.

It’s people like these that give agents a bad name, and any aspiring writer should steer well clear of both them and anyone else who uses the same sorts of business practices.


Written by incognito

17 July 2008 at 8:26 pm

Posted in Getting an agent

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